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Camille House Tutorials


Windows :
Left Mouse Click and drag to move a Character.
Space bar to Jump.
Right Mouse Click and drag to orbit.
Scroll to zoom in and out.
Press "v" and left mouse together to pan.
Touchscreen (iOS or Android):

             Drag on the arrow pad to control a character.
            Click to jump. 
Drag on the other part to orbit.
Spread and narrow two fingers to zoom in and out.
Put two fingers together and move to pan.
Building Mode :
House -> Build House to build a house.
​Click to install an item.
Press long to destroy an item.

Character Move & Camera Orbit & Zoom

[Ep 1] How to move a character & control the Camera (Orbit and Zoom)

Build Mode

[Ep 2] How to go to Build Mode, and
How to pan the Camera

[Ep 3] How to add/delete blocks.

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